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DMT VTX w/OSD Powered by Hawkeye 25/200/400mw
DMT VTX w/OSD Powered by Hawkeye 25/200/400mw

Hawkeye DMT VTX w/Smart Audio 25/200/400mw

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Hawkeye brings you a new, tiny, feature rich, and reliable vTX that's Smart Audio capable. As if we couldn’t make your life easier by getting rid of dip switches, we have now packaged it with a Push Button, and OLED screen.

Video Transmitter Features:


Smart Audio Capable
Size - 35mm x 35mm, height 5mm

Status LEDs Indicates power and transmit
Large Cap Large capacitors for clean power.
Voltage – 7.4v-24v input voltage.
Weight 10.5 grams (6g without SMA)
25/200/400mw Transmitter Designed around a custom vTX module only found on UBAD manufactured FPV Products.
Power Draw:
TBDmah @ 25mw

TBDmah @ 200mw
TBDmah @ 400mw
Values may very depending on frequency and temperature.
40 Channel *40 channel range tested.
NTSC/PAL: Auto detected
Antenna Connector: SMA Pigtail