Hawkeye DTF UHF MiniRX Receiver

Hawkeye DTF UHF Mini Receiver

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  • Lowpass input filter to reduce out-of-band interference
  • Integrated mini-USB port for easy configuration
  • PPM output up to 16 channels (enable in menu)
  • RSSI output, digital (enable in menu) (can be turned into 3.3v analogue with a solder jumper)
  • Completely user-settable frequency selections: 413MHz up to 453MHz
  • Up to 24 hopping channels, user-settable
  • Custom pin mapping
  • Adjust settings and bind wirelessly, without digging it out of your aircraft
  • Can also be used as a transmitter
  • -121dBm rated sensitivity
  • (37x25mm) board size
  • Around 7 grams with SMA connector and servo pins
  • Binds to any UHF Transmitter running OpenLRSng Firmware

Wiki / Manual The official OpenLRSng Wikipedia

Google Chrome configurator OpenLRSng Configuration Software (requires Google Chrome)