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This OSD module supports both MAVLink for the ArduCopter system, or MultiWii Serial Protocol for the popular MultiWii & Baseflight control boards. The hardware is based on the popular MinimOSD but includes added modifications which custom firmware can take advantage of. These modifications allow direct connection of two batteries (up to 4S), a pin for RSSI signal and a pin for the connection of a Current Sensor.

These OSD boards have the 5V Mod performed so the analog side gets its 5V power from the digital side. There is no need to apply 12V to the camera side, and its recommended not to. Only video signal & ground are required from your Camera and video TX.


When installing your FPV Equipment you MUST MAKE SURE the ground wire for your FPV camera connects to vid GND. And the ground wire for your vTX connects to vid GND.
If you do not, the text overlay may disappear in flight.


Available Firmwares:

MINIMOSD EXTRA - For use with APM & Hawk flight control boards.
MWOSD - For use with MultiWii & DragonFly32 flight control boards.

note: if using this your OSD on any ArduPilot project, additional parameters may need to be adjusted. Refer to the official MinimOSD-Extra wiki -